Information Request

Information RequestRequest Policy:

The Office of Institutional Research (IR) does not typically meet requests for live data (i.e. the number of students enrolled in a class as of today) or requests for lists of individuals.  Requests for these types of data should be directed to the office that manages the pertinent database.

Due to resource constraints, IR will not fulfill data requests for research of personal interest (i.e. class project) beyond what is publicly available on the website.  A request submitted by an individual requires prior UAA departmental or college level approval (documentation of institutional need).

Certain classified information (i.e. individual student or personnel data) is not available for general distribution.  IR will use discretion in distributing data of certain nature, which the University considers confidential.

In most cases, a two week turnaround period for requests is needed to guarantee accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Prioritization of Requests:  

Each information request received by IR is assigned a priority within our current workload:

  1. Critical: Information request by executive administration, or with significant accreditation or funding consequences for missed deadline.
  2. High: Data is required for a report to the UAA/UA Administration, State or Federal Government.  Or, data is needed to advance an initiative directly related to the strategic plan and institutional assessment.
  3. Medium: Request is part of an effort to improve department operations and acquired external funding, but is not related to the strategic plan.  Or, data is needed for a national publication (U.S. News and World Report, Princeton Review, etc.).
  4. Low: Request is part of an effort to improve department operations. Or, external requests where data will be used for purposes related to the internal operations of that organization or business.

Initial Requests:

IR assigns an initial priority level to ad hoc or first-time requests based on the factors below (in the order given).  Requests for revisions after completion of the initial request will be re-prioritized based on the same criteria and current workload.

  1. Request Purpose: Decisions this information will inform.
  2. Institutional Impact: Units affected by this information (inside or outside the institution).
  3. Requestor: Position needing this information for decisions.
  4. Deadline: Feasibility based on request date and deadline.

Recurring Requests:

IR prepares many reports on a recurring basis, which are prioritized by relative urgency and importance.  When requests fall within the same category (e.g., two high priority requests) priority is affected by length of time to deadline.

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