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Data Requests

The University of Alaska Anchorage, Office of Institutional Research (UAA-IR) works to enhance transparency and access to data for UAA. A major part of this delivery is the UAA-IR Dashboard system. For data that cannot be accessed via the dashboards, UAA community members may submit a request for specific data using our ONLINE FORM. (You may need to login with your UAA credentials.)


Data Request - Principles and Guidelines

As a matter of practice, UAA-IR has established the following principles and guidelines to best support the long-term ad-hoc data needs of the UAA Community.

  • Data may be requested by UAA Faculty or Staff. Requesters are responsible for the resulting information and its protection from misuse or unauthorized release while conforming to existing federal, state and institutional policy relating to the data.
  • Information provided will be drawn from official university sources. UAA-IR is typically unable to access data not integrated into the UAA or UA data system. Exceptions will be addressed on a case by case basis.
  • UAA IR is unable to make corrections to official university data. UAA-IR will make all reasonable efforts to support users in contacting the appropriate office that can make corrections to official university data.
  • Data considered to be protected, classified or restricted (i.e. individual student or sensitive, personal, health data) is not available.
  • Data must be used only for the intended purpose of the request and may not re-used/disclosed for undocumented purposes.
  • Requests in support of research activities (as defined by statue and determined by the UA Institutional Review Board) must include IRB approval or documentation of non-research determination before release.
  • Due to the nature and volume of requests, IR asks that users first visit their UAA-IR Dashboard system prior to making an ad-hoc request.
  • Data requests will be addressed and returned as quickly as possible. UAA-IR reporting volumes do fluctuate and as such, UAA-IR asks that users plan ahead and request data at least 7-10 business prior to their requested due date.
  • Data request prioritization is as follows:
    • Federal, State, UAA Executive Leadership, legally and contractually required external/internal reporting functions
    • MAU and System operational data, data with financial, safety, or operational implications
    • External reporting requests and data needs, research and operational support inquiries
  • Individual student requests or access to systems are not typically supported. Instructors and major professors are encouraged to contact UAA-IR directly with specific requests.

While these are not an exhaustive list, UAA-IR appreciates your consideration and understanding in the delivery of ad-hoc requests. For questions, please contact the UAA-IR Director, Dr. Daniel Campbell at