First Year Advising

  • First Year Advising

    First year advising is our way to help you feel welcome, connected, & prepared. We want to minimize the stress of being a new student at a big campus so you can focus on your goals.

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Why First Year Advising?

How great is it to have a team of people cheering you on?  That is what you will get with First Year Advising.  We are your biggest cheerleaders and we want you to succeed as a Seawolf!  First Year Advisors will not just work with you to register for classes, but they will also help you find answers to your UAA questions, connect you to resources that will support you academically, emotionally, physically, and socially, and be a listening ear on those stressful days.  

How it Works

  • How do I know who my advisor is?

    Your First Year Advisor will contact you after you are admitted to UAA, so be sure to check your emails (tip: also check your spam and promotions folders)!  If you have not been contacted by an advisor or do not know who your advisor is, give us a call or send us an email!

  • How will we help you?

    It is important to start college on the right path, but it can be overwhelming!  Your First Year Advisor wants you to feel welcome, connected, and prepared.

    • Welcome: Your FYA will personally welcome you to UAA and help you navigate the new student checklist items.
    • Connected: Your FYA will introduce you to student support resources, campus events, and mentors.  
    • Prepared: Your FYA will help you start college on the right track by building a strong foundation by customizing your academic pathway to your background and goals.
  • Where are we located?

    Professional Studies Building (PSB) 206
    Phone: 907-786-0338