Plan Your Degree

Advisors can help you explore your degree options and develop an educational plan. When you decide on a degree it is important to be aware of your program requirements and the progress your are making through the program. Meeting with your advisor regularly can help keep you on track through your academic journey. As a student, it is also your responsibility to to monitor your own academic progress and seek advising on a regular basis.

Connect With Your Advisor

  • Find out who your academic advisor is and schedule an appointment! Choosing the perfect career path and academic program can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience. Here at UAA, we understand the challenges you may face along this journey. That's why we take pride in offering a diverse group of dedicated professionals who are ready to support you at every step.

Explore Degree Programs

Access DegreeWorks

  • Review your DegreeWorks status - available through UAOnline. Your DegreeWorks outline explains the progress you are making toward your degree.
  • Don't let DegreeWorks replace your advisor. You will still need to meet with your advisor regularly to plan out your classes and ensure that you are graduating by your target date.


As a student, you play a fundamental role in the academic advising process. It is your responsibility to monitor your academic progress and seek advising on a regular basis. Advisors can help you develop educational plans that are consistent with your career and life goals, and assist you in completing your chosen program quickly and successfully. To make the most of your advising sessions, you should prepare for the sessions by taking the following steps:

Before Seeing Your Advisor

  • Be aware of upcoming Dates and Deadlines.
  • Schedule regular meetings with your advisor. Remember to schedule your appointment early each semester!  
  • Review your DegreeWorks status - available through UAOnline. Your DegreeWorks outline explains the progress you are making toward your degree.
  • Make notes of any questions or concerns that you have about your current degree status, and bring these to your advising session. 

At Your Advising Session

  • Review your DegreeWorks status, as well as your questions or concerns. Your advisor can best assist when you clarify your academic/career goals.
  • Determine a target graduation date in consultation with your advisor.
  • Work with your advisor to establish a program of study and an outline of the classes that you plan to take over the next few semesters.
  • Take notes at your advising meetings to remind you what was discussed. These periodic advising meetings will help to keep you on track to achieve your academic and graduation goals.

Follow Up

  • Review your academic progress regularly, and contact your advisor with any related questions or concerns.
  • Take charge of your academic progress! Advising is an important tool, but you are ultimately responsible for your success.

As a student, you have certain roles and responsibilites and the same is true of advisors. Your advisor is here to help you through your journey at UAA. They have a number of responsibilities that they are expected to be able to assist you with including:

  • Advising for major and degree requirements. Your advisor will be able explain major and degree requirements and the best way for you to achieve your academic and graduation goals.
  • Making course recommendations. Advisors are able to help make course recommendations based on your academic goals and personal needs. Advisors should be knowledgable about what courses are required for your degree and the best way to fulfill your degree's requirements.
  • Advocating for students. Your advisor will be able to help advise you through your academic journey and degree requirements. For other assistance that you may need as a student and as a person, your advisor is here to help direct you to services and resources that can assist.
  • Responding timely. Advisors should generally take 1-2 business days to respond to E-mail and phone messages. However this can vary during busy times of the semester. if you haven't heard from your advisor after 2 business days, please feel free to reach out to the main advising number at (907) 786-4100 for assistance.