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Student writing math problem on white boardOverview

The goal of the Math Lab is to assist students and community members at all levels in improving their math and reasoning skills. This is accomplished through one-on-one tutoring and discussions of their mathematical work/goals.

Student learning outcomes for tutoring focus on helping students to improve their understanding of math in the long-term and build success as a foundation for developing increasingly higher level math skills.

Math Consultations

The Math Lab promotes productive learning. Tutors individually dialogue with students about math concepts by answering questions as they arise or by helping students locate additional resources. Tutors foster a climate in which students are encouraged to engage in the process of learning, in order to not only solve individual math problems, but to build confidence in the ability to improve problem-solving approaches.

Tutoring is by design intended to promote independent learning so that students are able to progress over time.

Your Math Tutoring Session - What To Expect

  • Math Session Description
    The Math Lab is an open lab where tutors rotate from student to student after short sessions. The goal is not only to help students with the particular problems they are working on, but ultimately to understand the underlying concepts to solve problems in the future.
  • How to Prepare for Your Session

    In order to get the most out of your tutoring session at the Math Lab, we encourage you to come prepared. The following tips will help you to prepare for your tutoring session:

    • Go to class

      • Math Lab tutors are very knowledgeable, but they are students, not professors.

      • The lab is too busy for tutors to provide students with all of the content from a class period.

      • Your instructor knows exactly how they want you to do the problems and express your answers.

    • Attempt the problem

      • Doing as much of a problem as you can will make it much easier for tutors to identify the difficulty you are having and to better help you to understand the material.

    • Write down questions that come to mind as you study

      • These can be excellent starting points for your interactive tutoring session.

    • Bring a copy of your class notes

      • If you did not understand something from class, notes will help tutors understand how your instructor was presenting the concept.

    • Bring your assignment

      • Reading the instructor’s expectations can help the tutor understand the objectives and expectations for your work, and will increase the effectiveness of the session.

    • Bring the text book

      • Some texts present ideas in different ways. If the tutor can see how your book’s author does the problems, they can better explain them.

    • Plan time to wait, as well as time for the session

      • Rushed tutoring is less effective. Because the Math Lab is often quite busy and tutors rove amongst students, you may have to wait a little while for tutoring. This is a great time to work on your assignment(s), and the Math Lab maintains computers and print resources for you to use while you wait.

  • What to Do During Your Session

    Tutoring sessions in the Math Lab are most useful when both tutor and student are invested in the session. The following tips will help you to get the most from your session:

    • Engage with your tutor and actively participate in the session

      • Learning is interactive and dialogic. Tutors will ask you questions and may make some suggestions, but your writing belongs to you as both a product and responsibility.

    • Ask questions!

      • Tutoring sessions are learning-centered. Let your tutor know when you are unsure of their meaning or need clarification of a concept.

    • Turn off your phone

      • As a courtesy for others in the lab and to ensure your focus, silence your phone and refrain from answering calls or texts during your tutoring session.

  • What to Do After Your Session

    After your session in the Math Lab it is important to integrate what you learned into your work. The following tips will help ensure that you are continually learning and improving your math skills:

    • Review, study and explain

      • Once you have reviewed your work, feel welcome to ask additional questions and to come back for additional tutoring.

      • After taking a test, make sure you review the questions you missed so that you understand them for the future. Our tutors can answer questions about your graded tests.

      • Form study groups with your friends or classmates. Explaining concepts to someone else helps you to understand it yourself.