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Someone slipping a piece of mail into an envelope. The envolopes were printed in the UAA Copy & Print Center.

Stationery: Business cards, letterhead, envelopes. 

Informational Material: Booklets, catalogs, newsletters. 

Promotional Materials: Flyers, brochures, posters, postcards, and mailers. 

Organizational Printing: Folders, tabs, and labels. 

Large Format & Adhesive Graphics

The image is of a lunch room. There are two walls. One wall has a sign that says Creekside Eatery, and the second wall is covered in a graphic wrap. The graphic wrap is food in the shades of green, purple, yellow and blue.

Large Format Printing: Heavyweight posters, adhesive vinyl stickers, vinyl banners, adhesive graphics for windows, walls, floors, doors and more! 

Mounting: Foamcore mounting and edging.  

Lamination: Single-sided and double-sided lamination, gloss, or matte finish.


The corners of two bindery bound booklets. One bindery is black, and the other bindery is white.

Binding: Coil, tape, comb binding, saddle stitch, and perfect bind.

Specialty Bindery: Custom cutting, round cornering.

Hand & Machine Bindery: Folding, scoring, inserting and perforation. 

UV Flatbed Printing

UV Printer printing on a piece of acrylic. The printer has a purple/blue UV light shining out of the print tray.

Promotional Material: Pens, cups, business card holders, and paper weights.

Personalize Gifts: Puzzles, coasters, and awards.

Specialty Items: Wood, glass, plastic, and metal. 

Graphic Design

A person sitting at a desk with a computer screen facing the camera. The computer screen has a graphic desing application open. The visiual implies that this person is some sort of graphic designer.

We have a professional graphic design artist on hand that can assist with all your design needs! 

Custom Designs: Our Graphic Designer can come up with a custom design for your project. 

Touch-Ups: Our Graphic Designer can touch-up existing designs you may already have, and curate them to better suit your project. 

Marketing Mail Services

A person's hands are stretching a rubberbad around a pile of mail items. It shows a pile of mail items on a table, and it appears as thought they're in a print shop. There is a printer, or some sort of machinery in the background.

Did you know we can easily send 200+ mailers?

  • We offer significant savings on time & labor costs.
  • Nearly every aspect of the process is automated.
  • We offer printing, stuffing, sealing & addressing that is accomplished in minutes.
  • We send out personalized mailings with our variable-data capability. 
  • We "clean" your mailing list to eliminate data errors. (Please note our systems support clean-ups on spreadsheets with mailing information only, no personal information.)

Simply submit your order to uaa.copy@alaska.edu 

Questions about marketing mail?
Contact the UAA Copy & Print Center (907)786-6860.