The July 2009, 12-hours notice for homeless campers to clear out from public lands was approved by the Anchorage Assembly which resulted in an ACLU lawsuit. The 12 hours was changed to 5 days and to remove all belongings and vacate the property. Superior Court Judge Rinder, in January, ultimately ruled that this law is in violation of individual property. The City of Anchorage paid the ACLU's legal fees and costs in the amount of $93,500.

Homeless camps – On April 13, 2011, a proposal ordinance will be introduced regarding the removal of homeless camp from public lands. The city proposal will give three days to the homeless person to remove all personal property otherwise the city is required to store belongings for a minimum of 30 days. Items contaminated with human waste, spoiled or mildewed, the proposal adds, "shall not be stored and may be disposed of summarily."

The city of Anchorage is in the process of locating a non-profit to operate this and a storage facility. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Alaska challenged last year' city' attempt to remove the homeless camps. Since then ACLU guidelines have been established and according to Mayor Dan Sullivan are being followed.



U.S. Economic Development Administration
Authorized under 1965's Public Works and Economic Development Act, the EDA is an agency within the U.S. Department of Commerce that partners with distressed communities throughout the United States to foster job creation, collaboration and innovation.‪ The EDA has many programs that promote economic development throughout the United States, including support of construction and upgrade of public infrastructure, planning support, and technical assistance. They even provided a grant that helped a group develop a neighborhood plan for Mountain View.