Community Engaged Research Fellows

Amana Mbise and Sarah Buckingham

2020 CE Faculty Fellows Drs. Mbise & Buckingham featured in Green & Gold for their work with Welcoming Anchorage

The Community Engaged Faculty Research Fellows program was created in 2019 to support community-engaged research efforts at UAA, with the goal of supporting faculty through an exchange of ideas and knowledge about partnership development, community engaged research methodologies, and research dissemination.

This program connects faculty from across campuses and disciplines and encourages peer to peer support through brown bag presentations, design clinics, individual research consultation, and writing support.

Faculty co-leads:  Dr. Ruby Fried & Dr. Amanda Walsh


Faculty co-leads: Dr. Britteny M. Howell & Dr. Sara Buckingham


  • Dr. Carrie Aldrich
  • Dr. Sally Carraher
  • Prof. Joel Condon 
  • Dr. Adam Dunstan
  • Dr. Ruby Fried
  • Dr. Travis Hedwig
  • Dr. Sarah Prielipp
  • Dr. Jennifer Stone
  • Dr. Angelia Trujillo
  • Dr. Amanda Walch

Faculty co-leads: Dr. Britteny M. Howell &  Dr. Hattie Harvey


  • Dr. Donna Aguiniga
  • Dr. Sara Buckingham
  • Dr. Herminia Din
  • Dr. Amana Mbise
  • Dr. Gabriela Alejandra Olmos Rosas
  • Dr. Heidi Brocious
  • Dr. Yvonne Chase
  • Dr. Ian Hartman
  • Dr. Jennifer McCurdy
  • Publications
    • Brocious, H., Trawver, K., Demientieff, L. (under review).  Managed Alcohol: One community’s innovative response to risk management during COVID-19. Submitted to Journal of Harm Reduction
    • Brocious, H., Demientieff, L., & Erisman, M. (2020). Thawing out: understanding adjustment to housing first through an ecological and trauma-informed lens. Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment, 1-21.
    • Brocious, H., Trawver, K., Griffin, R. (2021). Growing a Statewide CASA Program: An Examination of Current Strengths and Barriers. (In Press).  Juvenile and Family Court Journal.
    • Salmon, V., Brocious, H., Demientieff, L.M. (2020). When Delivery Means Departure: Describing the Impacts of Mandated Maternal Transport In Alaska.  (In Review). Submitted to Journal of Rural Mental Health.
    • Trawver, K., Brocious, H. (2020).  Investing in public child welfare workforce: A process evaluation of a statewide mentoring program (In Review).  Submitted to Human Service Organizations: Management, Leadership & Governance. 
    • Galvin, K., Brocious, H.(under review). Workplace enforcement of immigration policy in the United States: Variation in E-Verify implementation and impact on employment outcomes.  Submitted to Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies.
    • Brocious, H., & Erisman, M. (2020). The Impact of Housing First in a Small Town: Emergency Service Use and the Changing Community Attitude. Collaborations: A Journal of Community-Based Research and Practice, 3(1).
    • Brocious, H. (2020). RurAL CAP Project Venture Evaluation Report. Rural Community Action Program, Resilient Alaska Youth. 
    • Buckingham, S. L., Schroeder, T., & Christensen Fullmer, A. (2021). Collaborating with diverse stakeholders to produce meaningful and useful research: The Alaska Native Cultural Identity Project. In SAGE Research Methods Cases. SAGE.
    • Buckingham, S. L., Langhout, R. D., Rusch, D., Mehta, T., Chavez, N. R., Ferreira van Leer, K., Oberoi, A., Indart, M., Paloma, V., King, V. E., & Olson, B. (2021, in press). The roles of settings in supporting immigrants’ resistance to injustice and oppression. American Journal of Community Psychology.
    • Buckingham, S. L.,& Brodsky, A. E. (in press). Relative privilege, risk, and sense of community: Understanding Latinx immigrants’ empowerment and resilience processes across the United States. American Journal of Community Psychology.
    • Hartman, I. & The Anchorage Museum. (Apr – Nov 2021). Black Lives in Alaska: Journey, Justice, Joy Exhibition. Anchorage, AK:
    • Harvey, H., & Kinavey-Wennerstrom, E. (2020). Hearing their voices: Parents perceptions of preschool special education evaluations with dual language learners. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education.
    • Harvey, H., Piece, J., & Hirshberg, D. (2020). Guidelines for Culturally Responsive Reflective Practice in Birth to Five Settings. Cook Inlet Tribal Council. 
    • Howell, B.M., Buckingham, S.L.,King, C., and Kelly, T. (under review). “A little bit fun, A little bit frustrating:” Utilizing Photovoice to document student responsibility during a global pandemic. Submitted to Educational Action Research.
    • Howell, B.M.,Hanson, B.L., and Wanner. S. (under review). Friendships forged in fitness: An ethnography of older women’s social experiences at a community fitness center. Submitted to Alaska Journal of Anthropology.
    • Howell, B.M., Corbett, S., and Peterson, J.R. (under review). Where are all the men? A scoping review of the barriers, facilitators, and recommendations to older male participation in health promotion interventions. Submitted for special volume on gender in medicine in Ageing & Society.
    • Howell, B.M.,Seater, M., Davis, K.E., & McLinden, D. (2021). Determining the importance and feasibility of various aspects of healthy aging among older adults using concept mapping. Ageing & Society. DOI:
    • Hutchinson, J., & Buckingham, S. L.(under review). The impact of higher education on Alaska Native students’ cultural identities. Journal of American Indian Higher Education
    • Mbise, A., Buckingham, S.L., Chen, T.C., Kuhn, S. Gat, N., and Kimmel, M. (in press). Welcoming cities: Skilled immigrant integration and inclusion in a United States City. In R. Baikady (Ed.), Palgrave Handbook of Global Social Change. Palgrave Macmillan, UK.
    • Mbise, A., (2020).Birth Certificates, Birth Registration and the Denial of Human Rights: Evidence from Tanzania National Panel Data 2010/11. The International Journal of Children's Rights 28(2): 243–257.
    • Olmos, G.A.(2021). Hispanics In Alaska: Lost In Translation. Zenger News, 3/16/2021:
    • Olmos, G.A.(2020). The Taqueria at the End of the World: At the Top of Alaska, Try the Tamales. Newsweek, 10/4/2020:
    • Olmos, G.A., & Springer Staten, S.M. (2020). Let Us Dream With Open Eyes. Anchorage, AK: Keys to Life.
    • Olmos, G.A., & Springer Staten, S.M. (in press). Freedom to Dream ( exhibition). 
    • Green & Gold 2020 feature article on J. Yang’s work: Harvard report on plastics highlights biotechnology patented by UAA researchers. Click here for link to article.


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