ENGAGE Projects

Consumer Web
The Consumer Web (commonly referred to as "The Web") is a place that serves individuals who may be experiencing mental health issues, drug or alcohol abuse and even homelessness.The Web is visited over 12,000 times annually and provides services such as computer access,substance abuse recovery, peer mentoring and recreation. In addition, The Web offers Wellness Readiness Action Planning (WRAP) as a self-management recovery system. WRAP is designed to increase personal empowerment, improve quality of life and assist individuals in achieving their hopes, dreams and goals. UAA students are hosting a variety of programs with participants at The Web. These programs include: "Internet 101" which teaches individuals how to search/browse the internet and set up mechanism to reconnect with friends and family as well as a game zone for participants to relax and have fun. Other UAA student lead activities include facilitating a food or clothing drive for program participants.

RAIS Family Mentorship
Refugees can spend years and even decades in refugee camps, waiting for a chance to flee their war-torn countries. Many have a different view of what it would be like to live in an industrialized nation. Catholic Social Services' Refugee Assistance & Immigration Services(RAIS) is partnering with UAA to give students the opportunity to serve as Family Mentors. Asa Family Mentor, UAA students participate in various activities to help refugees learn how to navigate successfully in American society. Activities include: Going to the store and shopping from a budget, teaching refugees about garage sales, teaching the American concept of time,visiting local libraries and obtaining a library cards. Other UAA student activities include teaching and tutoring English as a Language Learners (ELL). The possibilities are endless with the wide variety of individuals that come to the U.S. for a better life.


UAA Projects

Alaska Cares: Dental Days at UAA
UAA and several partners jointogether to provide two days of free dental care to individuals who are on a limited budget and have no dental insurance. Events occur throughout the year. Services provided include exams, radiographs, cleanings, sealants, amalgam restorations and composite restorations. All patients for this free clinic must go through a lottery process.For more information, please contact the School of Allied Health at (907) 786-4346.