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Arts & Culture


Community & Economic Development

Sharon Chamard
Sharon Chamard, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
UAA Justice Center
Office location: Justice Center, Library 213
Phone 907-786-1813 / Fax 907-786-7777

Professor Sharon Chamard is researching the social effects of Karluk Manor. Karluk Manor is a housing first project for chronic inebriates that is scheduled to open its doors in Fairview in mid-November, 2011. Professor Chamard lives in Fairview and is very curious to see how this facility will affect her neighborhood. The project includes surveying business owners periodically over an extended period of time to gauge whether this facility changes the social dynamics in the surrounding area of Fairview.

Diane Hirshberg Diane Hirshberg, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Alaska Education Policy Research
Associate Professor of Education Policy
Institute of Social and Economic Research
Office location: Diplomacy Building 507G
Phone 907-786-5413/ Fax 907-786-7738

Professor Hirshberg, along with one UAA student, conducted a survey of Mountain View residents at the request of the Anchorage Community Land Trust (ACLT). The survey was intended to collect feedback on their projects and efforts for revitalization implemented in Mountain View. The project was set up as a 4-credit independent study for the student and was extended into a Summer service project as well.

Safe Families & Safe Communities


André Rosay, Ph.D.
UAA Justice Center
Office location: Justice Center, Library 213
Phone: 907-786-1821 | Fax: 907-786-7777

Dr. Rosay is currently working for the Office of the Governor with his initiative to end the epidemic of domestic violence. In addition he partners with Alaska State Troopers, Anchorage Police Department, Alaska Department of Law, Alaska Department of Corrections, and often the Alaska Court System during inquiries. His areas of research include handling, investigating and prosecuting offenders and domestic violence prevention strategies. These projects often include student involvement and the Justice Department offers summer research employment as well as credit for research or an independent study.

Karen Ward
Professor, Director
UAA Center for Human Development
Phone: 264-6229 | Fax: 274-4802

Karen Ward is conducting preliminary research on intimate partner violence (IPV) among adults with developmental disabilities. She is working on a training program intended to reduce IPV and increase the social network and social activities of adults with intellectual disabilities. The project is ongoing and she has no students currently assisting her, but is open to future student involvement. She often partners with Hope Community Services, Assets, The Arc of Anchorage, and Mat-Su Services for Children and Adults. The Human Development Center receives grants and funding from the Governor's Council on Disabilities and Special Education, the Alaska Native Justice Center, the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, CHD, and the Office on Violence Against Women with Disabilities.

randy_7 Dr. Randy Magen
UAA Department of Social Work
Office location: Gordon Hartlieb Building 106
Phone: (907) 786-6901
/ Fax: (907) 786-6912

Dr. Randy Magen is currently investigating the available data used as indicators to track domestic violence in Alaska. He is searching for more reliable statistics to be used to report domestic violence and is planning to publish the results. He is also working with the Office of Children's Services (OCS), the Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (CDVSA), and the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (ANDVSA) to increase collaboration between organizations for families experiencing both child abuse and domestic violence issues. Currently, there are two different methods of dealing with child abuse and domestic violence. He hopes to see the two sides of the issue work together. This involves cross training workers in the both areas and changing policies and procedures in both sectors. Student involvement of the project would include evaluation of the program, data collection and analysis, literature review, and more.

Youth Education & Development - Early to Middle

Tim Jester
Elementary Education

Dr. Tim Jester is completing research on education in cultural populations. He has been working on this project entitled "Intercultural Field Experiences in Alaska Native Village Schools." from 2007-2011. The study is looking at pre-service teachers cross cultural field experiences. Results will be used to prepare teachers to teach indigenous students in Alaska. Dr. Jester has completed collecting his data and is in the process of completing manuscripts.


Youth Education & Transition to Young Adulthood


Environment & Sustainability

vandommelenD Dorn Van Dommelen
Geography & Environmental Studies

Dr. Van Dommelen teaches GEOG/INTL 101: Local Places/Global Regions, Earth Systems (ENVI/GEOG 211), several upper-division courses in historical geography and regional geography, and INTL 315: Canada: Nation and Identity for UAA's International Studies Program. Service-learning is increasingly important to him, especially his work with Heifer International. He is interested in settlement history, agricultural development, and the environment.

Relevant Course Taught – GEOG 101
Other Involvement – Advisor for Heifer International Club

Shannon Donovan Shannon Donovan
Geography & Environmental Studies

Dr. Donovan served as a National Science Foundation Integrative Graduate Education and Traineeship (IGERT) fellow working on two interdisciplinary projects designed to craft conservation strategies for the Volcánica Central de Talamanca Biological Corridor of Costa Rica and the Palouse region of the Inland Northwest.  Shannon also has extensive experience facilitating collaborative groups, running community meetings, leading focus groups and designing a variety of qualitative and quantitative survey instruments.  Her primary areas of expertise include sense of place, bioregional planning and resource conservation. 

Relevant Course Taught – ENVI 470 – Environmental Planning & Problem Solving

Raymond Anthony

Dr. Anthony is interested in environmental, food, animal and agricultural ethics. He also specializes in Philosophy of Technology, in particular issues dealing with social justice, participatory democracy, future generations and responsible citizenship. He continues to explore concerns in ethical theory, especially debates surrounding the status of quasi-realism as it relates to moral explanation. Dr Anthony's areas of expertise inlclude Ethical Theory, Animal, Environmental and Food Ethics, Philosophy of Technology.

Relevant Course Taught – PHIL 303 – Environmental Ethics
Other Involvement –  Faculty Associate for Sustainability; Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Sustainability; Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee; Faculty Advisor, Philosophy Club.


Health & Mental Health

 Dr. Rhonda Johnson Dr. Rhonda Johnson
Health Sciences Department Chair
Professor of Public Health

Dr. Johnson is the Principal Investigator for CAHDRE, as well as the Director for the Research and Education Training Core. One of the reasons the CAHDRE Project was established was to collaborate with others to encourage and support students, especially those from underrepresented populations, into health careers. CAHDRE actively seeks opportunities to support and inform pre-undergraduate students about health careers, public health, health disparities, biomedical and transdisciplinary research, and health mentor assistance.   

Elizabeth Barnett
Allied Health Sciences
Assistant Professor of Dental Hygiene

Elizabeth Barnett is an assistant professor of dental hygiene and director of the Dental Hygiene Clinic at UAA. Every year the Dental Hygiene Clinic along with other organizations in the community put on Alaska Cares: Dental Days at UAA. They provide two days of free dental care to individuals who are on a limited budget and have no dental insurance. They provide exams, radiographs, cleanings, sealants, amalgam restorations and composite restorations.

Immigrants & Refugees

Catherine Sullivan
School of Nursing
Assistant Professor
(907) 786-4576

Professor Sullivan has been working in the field of nursing since 1977, and teaching community Health Nursing since 2004. She is active within the Alaska community working with refugees, immigrants, and native Alaskan people groups. She has actively sought out grants through the Center for Community Engagement and Learning and been awarded the Selkregg Award to complete service learning projects with nursing students. 

Garry Kaulitz
Art Department
Professor of Art

Artist and Professor Kaulitz has been teaching at the University of Alaska Anchorage since 1993 and is the area head of printmaking. His work has been published in several art books and is the recipient of the UAA chancellor’s award for Excellence in Creative or Scholastic Research. He, and his students, partnered with Mara Kimmel and the Alaska Immigration Justice Project to complete “Portraits: The Illustrated Stories of Alaskans and their Immigration to the Great Land.”

Mara Kimmel Mara Kimmel
Political Science
Assistant Professor

Professor Kimmel is an attorney and teacher of Political Science. She is a co-founder of the Alaska Immigration Justice Project and has been involved in several service learning outreach projects that have served the immigrant and refugee populations in Alaska. She has be the recipient of grants through the Center for Community Engagement and Learning and has partnered with multiple local non-profit agencies with her students for service.


Poverty, Hunger & Homelessness