Pro Creativity

A film project by and about teen parents

Pro Creativity is a collaboration between teen parents and professional filmmakers to produce engaging media about the realities of teen parenthood for use in school and community-based education. Betsy Douds taught story craft and film production to teen parents through the University of Alaska Anchorage and at Crossroads Secondary in Anchorage.  

The first six films below are accompanied by a discussion guide. The last film is about the Pro Creativity project. If you would like more information or would like to schedule a showing of any of the films, please email Betsy Douds or the project manager, Sharman Haley.

"Struggles with Kyler" Taylor

Taylor shows what it is like to be a teen mom 24 hours a day while still in high school.

"The Real Secret Life of a Teen Mom" Sydni

Sydni shows the changes in her body before and after pregnancy and discusses the changes in her wardrobe and activities.

"Financial Differences of a Parenting Teen" Ashley

Ashley interviews teen moms about what they used to spend their money on and how they spend their money now.

"When I Got Pregnant" Keira

Keira asks her family members how they felt when they learned she was pregnant.

"My Story" Lisa

Lisa and her boyfriend talk movingly about how hard it is being teen parents.

"Interview" Thomas

Thomas interviews Kelly Sams, once a teen parent, now in her thirties, to get her story.

"Danielle's Story" Danielle.

Danielle's film touches on the dramatic move she was forced to make for her baby's and her own welfare, and of the custody battle which followed.

"You and I" Lee

Lee has two sisters who became teen mothers. Her film uses stark imagery as the backdrop for a poem written by her sister about her feelings surrounding her unplanned pregnancy.

"My life now" Maggie

Maggie's film speaks of her struggle as a young mother, her love for her daughter and of the dilemma her mother was confronted with when Maggie became pregnant.

"Edin" Sarah

Sarah had her son when she was sixteen. She and her husband are Hmong-American. In their culture, it is normal to marry while still in your teens. Sarah's film focuses on her baby son.

"The Sex Talk"Ariel

Ariel discusses with teens and parents the difficulty and importance of talking with parents about sex.

"About Pro Creativity"Betsy Douds

Participants in Pro Creativity reflect on their experience in the project.

Pro Creativity is a joint project of the University of Alaska Anchorage Institute of Social and Economic Research, Department of Journalism and Public Communications, Anchorage School District, Out North Theater and Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest, with support from the UAA Center for Community Engagement and Learning, Alaska Association of School Boards Initiative for Community Engagement, SummitDay Media, Best Buy and many individual donors and volunteers.