Alaska's Urban University

The University of Alaska Anchorage is the state's largest post-secondary institution. Located in the heart of Alaska's largest city, the campus is nestled in the middle of a greenbelt, surrounded by lakes, ponds and wildlife, and is connected to a city-wide trail system perfect for students' active lifestyles.

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Greeks play putt-putt

‘Greek life has helped me value myself more’

Want to find friendships, community and opportunities to engage as a leader or volunteer? UAA's Greek Life offers an antidote to those yearning to break the 'commuter campus' stereotype and infuse more meaning into their college experience.

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Mouchine Guettabi

Motivating kids to move

A collaboration between UAA's Institute of Social and Economic Research, Providence, Healthy Futures, State of Alaska and Anchorage School District is providing insights into how, when and why kids get active, knowledge that could help people live healthier lives.

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Jilin Visitors

Chinese scholars immerse themselves in UAA

Four professors from Jilin University in China are visiting UAA to learn more about their respective fields of experimental economics, logistics and finance, and launch collaborations that could help both universities.

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Douglas Baye

'I absolutely love going to school'

Douglas Baye loves his home country, Nigeria, but the swan song of continuing his education drew him to Anchorage, where he is taking project management classes at UAA, advocating for other international students through his student job, playing soccer and winning the respect of colleagues. Now, Douglas has received one of the Chancellor's Martin Luther King Jr. Student Appreciation Awards.

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of degrees and certificates awarded in AY16 were in high demand job areas

Karolin Anders

8 records, 7 events and a Threepenny Opera

With three academic degrees and eight current athletic records, Karolin Anders is, to put it numerically, a first-rate student-athlete. This May, she'll earn a master's in English and hopes to compete at nationals for the fifth year in a row.

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Art Welding

Where the welded things are

Meet the power-welding grannies of UAA. Cloaked in face masks, surrounded by sizzles and sparks, the nontraditional students in this one-week short course, offered by UAA's welding and non-destructive testing program, move in when the students head out.

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