Spring 2008: UAA presents 3rd Annual Outdoor Adventure Series

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Presentations spotlight adrenaline-packed tales of Alaska's extreme wilderness
The UAA Outdoor Adventure Series is back for its third year hosting Alaska's most renowned, extreme outdoor enthusiasts. Topics as varied as avalanche awareness, world extreme skiing, pararescue jumping, Denali expeditions and more take place on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. in the UAA Student Union Café.  The series, presented by UAA Student Activities and Student Union, is free and open to the public with free parking available.  

Diane and Brian Okonek, Feb. 7, 2007
Alaska-Denali Guiding, Inc., Operators; Wilderness Experts
The Okonek's established the Talkeetna-based Alaska-Denali Guiding in 1983; led Denali expeditions, mountaineering courses, and backpacking trips through Alaska's vast wilderness; and put an emphasis on outdoor skills, safety and appreciation of Alaska's landscape.

Avalanche Training, Feb. 21, 2007
Alaska Avalanche School
The Alaska Avalanche School was founded over 25 years ago by two of Alaska's premier avalanche specialists, Doug Fesler and Jill Fredston.  This presentation teaches avalanche awareness to promote safety in Alaska's winter environment.

Dean Cummings, March 7, 2007
H20 Heli Guides, Owner; Extreme Skier and Kayaker
Dean won the World Extreme Skiing Championships in 1995 and was a member of the U.S. Ski Team.  Selected as one of the 48 greatest and most influential skiers of our time in Powder Magazine, he remains the only skier to ever descend the West face of Meteorite Mountain in the Chugach Range.

Jason Geck, March 28, 2007
Adventure Racer, Pack Rafter, Trail Runner
Jason has traversed Alaska's largest and most contiguous wilderness with only 47 pounds of food and less than 10 pounds of gear, covering over 540 miles in 21 days.  He's co-director of the Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic with four race finishes, including a first place finish in the 150-mile Eureka Roadhouse to Talkeetna route in less than 48 hours.

Robert Schnell, April 4, 2007
Alaska Air National Guard, Pararescue Jumper; Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic Winner
Schnell was first place finisher in the last two Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classics, setting the race record for the Eureka Roadhouse to Talkeetna route in 2005.  He serves as a pararescue jumper for the Alaska Air National Guard with deployments to Kuwait, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa.  He was also the first man to land on the 650-foot Cougar Ace ship that turned over near Adak in 2006, a rescue that required 11 hours of helicopter flight time to reach the site.  Robert has covered 300 miles in 17 days and pack rafted six different rivers while traversing the Brooks Range.

For more information call 786-1204 or visit www.uaa.alaska.edu.  Sign interpreter available if requested five business days in advance of the event.

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