Spring 2007: Wellness on site events and programs

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

This month, WIN for Alaska will be providing you with Wellness Challenge Workshops, Nutrition Events, Chair Massages and Blood Pressure Analyses.

Each workshop and event will last approximately 30 to 60 minutes. You can register for your 10 minute Chair Massage session and for your 5 minute Blood Pressure Analyses at www.winforalaska.com/ua . Additional information regarding these events is available at wellsuite.com/winforalaska/hat/ under the Coming Events page.

This week:

  • Wellness Challenge Workshop, Friday, 2/16 - 1-1:45pm - Sally Monserud Hall (SMH) Room 10
  • Physical Fitness Event, Blood Pressure, Thursday, 2/15 - 12-12:45pm - University Center Rm 143
  • Stress Reduction Event, Massage, Thursday, 2/15 - 11-1pm -Admin Bldg Rm 129-HR Conf Rm

Start Now: When you participate in Health In Action activities, events and workshops you will accumulate points. When you enter these activities and your aerobic mile equivalents into your Health Activity Tracker it will track your points. If you log 510 points between now and March 30, you will be entered into FORTY $100 drawings.

Contact WIN for Alaska, Inc. at healthinaction@alaska.edu or toll free at 1.866.248.0797 or in Anchorage at 248.0797

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