Barbara Bolson is appointed Director of Kodiak College

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Chancellor Elaine P. Maimon is pleased to announce the appointment of Barbara Bolson as Director of Kodiak College, effective April 29.  Bolson has been serving as Interim Director of Kodiak College since October 2006.  Prior to her Interim Director appointment, Bolson served as Assistant Director.

Under her leadership, Kodiak College has received numerous awards and nominations, including a 2007 Chancellor's Award for Excellence for Outstanding Contributions to Students by Professor John Durham and the Alaska state winner for Phi Theta Kappa's student achievement, 21st Century Scholar's Award.  In addition, Kodiak College hired three Rural Access Coordinators to assist 1st generation college students and their families in their application process; created two workforce development programs, offering degrees in welding and construction; worked with local school district to develop quality dual credit classes and innovative courses for students returning to school following hardships; and wrote a $1.9 million native education grant involving seven different native-serving groups in Kodiak.

Bolson brings a broad range of skills and experience to the College, having a 22-year career in education as both a teacher and an administrator.  She served as a high school administrator in Kodiak prior to becoming Assistant Director at Kodiak College.  

Bolson holds a Master's degree in Educational Administration from Seattle University, and Superintendent's Credential from Washington State University.  She has had extensive community involvement in Kodiak, is involved in a number of civic organizations, and serves on the Boards of Public Radio and the High School Booster Club.  

The Director of Kodiak College administers the College, including planning implementation, fiscal management, and securing extramural funding.  The Director provides leadership in the development of undergraduate programs; supervises recruitment and evaluation of faculty and staff; promotes community partnerships; and works collaboratively with campus and statewide administration.  As the new Director, Bolson will continue the strong student-centered focus that her professional faculty and staff have established, making Kodiak College an institution to stand out among its peers.

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