The Chancellor Awards for Excellence

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Join us in congratulating the following faculty, staff and campus departments on winning a 2007 Chancellor's Award for Excellence.

Individual Awards

Outstanding Full-Time Faculty: Dr. Christiane Brems
Outstanding Adjunct Faculty: Judy Staveley
Outstanding Exempt Staff: Mel Kalkowski
Outstanding Non-Exempt Staff: Kim Stanford
Outstanding Contributions to Students: Professor John Durham of Kodiak
Exemplary Achievements in Support of Diversity: Dr. Robert Boeckmann

Group Awards

Exemplary Achievements in Support of Diversity:

Della Keats / U-DOC / NIDDK Program

Exemplary Achievements Demonstrated in Program or Service:
1. CBPP ACSCI and Logistics Department
2. Inter Library Loan

Exemplary Achievements in Internal and/or External Partnerships:

Advising and Testing Center / Department of Residence Life

Outstanding Contributions to Students:

Enrollment Services
Office of Education Services for the Military
Student Health and Counseling Center

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