New Directors for the Alumni Association

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

The UAA Alumni Association is proud to announce that the 2007 elections for new members of the UAA Alumni Association Board of Directors has concluded and results tallied. Winners are listed in the order they were voted in. Please join us in welcoming our newest and returning board members.
  1. MaryAnn Hanson - Anchorage - will serve her second 3 year term (expiring in 2010)
  2. Vanessa Norman - Anchorage - 3 year term (expiring in 2010)
  3. Skye Rubadeau McRoberts - Anchorage - 3 year term (expiring in 2010)
  4. Hilary Currey - Wasilla - 3 year term (expiring in 2009)
  5. Jeffery Roe - Anchorage - 3 year term (expiring in 2010)
  6. Karla Beller - Chugiak - 2 year term (expiring in 2009)
  7. Robert Hagmaier -Lake Oswego, Oregon - 2 year term (expiring in 2010)
  8. George Skladal - Anchorage - 2 year term (expiring in 2009)

For any reason these elected alumni representatives are unable to serve, seats will be filled in the following order, again based on vote counts:
  1. B. Randall Bohall
  2. Kevin McCaffrey
  3. Ryan Warren
The UAA Alumni Association appreciates all of the Alumni who took the time to participate in the process of selecting new representatives. They will be officially adopted into office by the current Board of Directors at the June 12 board meeting and will begin their term of service beginning July 1.
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