Fall 2007: Humanity Art Project to exhibit globally themed artwork by young artists of Alaska

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

In an effort to encourage Alaska's youth to learn about the world and how they can be an agent of change in their society, the Humanity Art Project is putting together an exhibit that will be evaluated by local artists and UAA professors. Anchorage's youth is invited to create artwork with themes of peace, diversity, respect, social justice and overall human dignity and include a written paragraph explaining the purpose of their art. The deadline is Oct. 25 and the exhibit will be on display for the month of November at the Loussac Public Library.

The Humanity Art Project is sponsored by Model United Nations of Alaska (MUN), Alaska Humanities Forum and Blaine's Art Supply.  Created and directed by Umair Iqbal, UAA pre-medicine senior, the project encourages young students to research the work of the United Nations and express their vision for a brighter future through art.  Iqbal thought of the art project when he traveled with former chancellor Elaine Maimon to the Oxford University for Oxford Conclave on Global Ethics.  The conclave brought American students together to discuss how they could incorporate global ethics into their institutions.  Returning to UAA, Iqbal decided to create a children's art exhibit through MUN of Alaska.  He is a believer in the "idealism in action" philosophy and recently received the Truman Scholarship, which is given to individuals dedicated to careers in public service.

The project is currently open to receiving artwork from children first to sixth grade.  Prizes will be awarded to twelve students, two from each grade.  This project should make a beautiful display and will encourage the children to consider questions about who we are, what we believe, where we have been, what we value and why.  Iqbal is available for suggestions or questions at (907) 727-2101 or e-mail asui@uaa.alaska.edu.

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