Dnaghelt'ana Qut'ana K'eli Ahdelyax

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Dnaghelt'ana Qut'ana K'eli Ahdelyax - They Sing the Songs of Many Peoples, written by adjunct professor Craig Coray, is about Dena'ina songs and includes a CD of the first recordings ever made of Dena'ina songs and speech. Recorded by his father and with the aid of linguist James Kari and Native Elders, nearly all of the songs on the recording have been translated. Featuring photographs, annotations, transcripts and maps this book will perhaps help to revive the language, song and dance traditions. This text is only being distributed in Dena'ina communities.


Coray will be touring the communities of Lime Village, Pedro Bay, Newhalen and Port Alsworth where he will give presentations and distribute the book. There will be a final presentation and celebratory feast at Nondalton on Sept. 28.

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