Three students participate in National Conference on Ethics

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

The Division of Student Development (DSD) sent three students to participate in the 22nd Annual National Conference on Ethics in America hosted by the United States Military Academy at West Point. Tyler Eggen, Eddy Ozoma and Brandon Telford represented UAA during the week of October 21.

The conference maintains several goals. It is primarily designed to give institutions the opportunity to exchange conceptual viewpoints and current philosophies. The discourse directly aids in the initiation of new codes, refinement of existing honor codes and systems, and the development of different programs centered on ethical topics that influence college students. Also important is the intent to develop a national awareness regarding moral and ethical development on college campuses, and beyond, into the professional arena.

The conference included student discussions of ethical challenges facing college students in the 21st century and small group projects addressing moral and ethical development in a college environment. Students also had the opportunity to meet with senior leaders from over a dozen venues to discuss ethics in business, sports and political communities. Conference speakers included Martha Raddatz, author and ABC News Chief White House Correspondent; Eric Alexander, mountaineer; and Dana Mead, chairman of the MIT Corporation.

The students selected to attend were chosen based on their leadership, contributions to UAA student life, and their interest in the conference topic of ethics in education. Airfare was sponsored by three DSD departments: Judicial Services and Ethical Development, Residence Life and Student Life and Leadership. All other expenses were sponsored by the conference.

Congratulations to Eggen, Ozoma and Talford for earning the opportunity to attend this important conference! Hopefully they have returned with some great information to share with their peers, UAA and the community.

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