Undergraduates win $30,124 to conduct original research

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Nineteen undergraduate students at UAA have won more than $21,000 in grants and $9,000 in stipends to conduct original research or design new works in their fields.

The students will investigate genetic defects, environmental economics, sheep-hunting permits, postpartum depression, Mozart's classical style, soil nutrients, engineering mechanisms, wearable art, and other topics.

The 19 researchers are majoring in engineering, biomedicine, music, psychology, photography, chemistry, economics, liberal studies and geomatics. All are expected to make presentations of their finished work in the spring.

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship of the University Honors College awarded the funds following successful applications by the students. Most of the awards provide funding for the full project costs, some up to $5,000; one award also includes tuition for independent research credit. All awards include stipends of $500 to $1,500, paid to the student or team of students upon completion of the project.

"Our ambition is that every motivated student at UAA should have the opportunities for hands-on inquiry and discovery that will enrich their undergraduate education and point them toward successful professional lives," said Ronald Spatz, Dean of the University Honors College.

The award winners (with their majors): Donald Ballard (Economics), Kim Beckford (Liberal Studies), Kelcie Ralph (Economics), Michelle Steffens (Economics), Samantha Kay Tanner (Geomatics), Melinda Willman (Geomatics), Krysta Wojnowski (Geomatics), Trevor Ray Thomas (Biology), Kali Bennett (Art), Paul Bilodeau (Mechanical Engineering), Jeremy Chignell (Biology), Eric Mathews (Chemistry), Austin J. Roach (Music), Mario Ayerdis (Music), Lance Hagood (non-degree), Kacee Muth (Music), Sofia Lagos (Music), Brian Moon (Music), Rebecca Robinson (Psychology).

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For more information contact Ronald Spatz at 786-4361 or afrms1@uaa.alaska.edu.

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