Jim Mahfood, aka Food One, on campus today

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Live Mural Painting and Workshop
Thursday, August 28, 12-7 p.m.
Student Union Gallery

Artist Jim Mahfood, aka Food One, has been making a living off his drawings and scribblings since 1997, amassing a huge international cult following and a healthy mini-comics collection. He has collaborated with filmmaker Kevin Smith on the Clerks comics and Brian Michael Bendis on various Marvel projects. He has worked with Scott Morse, Dave Crosland, Mike Huddleston, and Jose Garibaldi on various indy releases.

Mahfood's work has appeared in comics, books, magazines, music videos, on skateboard decks, t-shirts, and album covers all over the globe. He has been spotted rocking the live mural painting at various DJ/hip-hop events around the country with his posse of artistic misfits.

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