Graphic exhibit scheduled for Cuddy Quad

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Students For Life, a registered UAA student club, is hosting an abortion exhibit in the Cuddy Quad on campus on Monday, Sept. 29 and Tuesday, Sept 30. UAA Students For Life is sponsoring this exhibit which includes pictorial display panels, the distribution of literature, and conversations with passers-by who wish to take part. We are providing this notice because the display panels are graphic in nature, and so that those who do not wish to encounter the presentation may choose alternate routes.

Feelings run high on both sides of this issue. Nevertheless, UAA expects all parties present to conduct themselves in a manner that does not disturb the peace, involve trespassing, disorderly conduct or otherwise disrupt educational activities going on in adjoining buildings. Though we do not anticipate disruptive activities, UPD will be on hand and will take appropriate action should they occur.

Free speech is an important part of every university and a core value of the University of Alaska. For further information concerning civility, respect, and free speech at UAA, please visit

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