Enhanced training and development opportunities for employees

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

A revision to University Regulation 4.06.010 will enhance training and development opportunities for the University's regular benefits-eligible employees and will also be beneficial to the University. Please note that the revision to University Regulation did not change the use of the UA Education Benefit for credit courses.

Fees for up to six (6) Non-credit Courses from a "UA-approved List" may be waived for benefits-eligible employees per academic year. Placement on the "UA-approved List" is based on factors which include whether the course will improve job related skills for a broad number of University employees or will strengthen supervisory skills. Unlike the "tuition waiver" benefit that applies to credit courses, the waiver of course fees for UA approved non-credit courses does not apply to non-employees (e.g. dependents, spouse, financially interdependent partner) or employees who are not benefits-eligible (temporary or student employees).

If courses not on the "UA-approved List," are considered relevant to a particular employee's training needs, departments may pay for the employee's attendance out of the departmental training budget, provided the supervisor authorizes the payment in advance. Such course payments are not covered by or reimbursed as a part of the employee education benefit.

A new form has been created that covers both the waiver of tuition for credit courses and fees for UA approved non-credit courses. The form has been standardized for use at all University campuses (PDF form).

The form asks employees to self-identify the number of UA-approved non-credit courses they have taken during the academic year and confirm that they are a regular benefits-eligible employee. Employees are responsible for charges/fees should the request be found ineligible. An employee's attendance during work hours of either a credit course or a UA approved non-credit course must be pre-approved by the employee's supervisor. See University Regulation 4.06.010 (MS Word file).

The "UA-approved List (PDF)" is posted at the SW HR Web site. Also included as UA-approved are these Certified Public Manager courses (PDF).

For more information on Employee Education Benefits, see University Regulation 4.06.010 (MS Word file) which has also been printed on page 2 of the Waiver Request form. The current version of the Waiver Request Form may be printed from the Statewide Human Resources Web site at www.alaska.edu/hr/forms/forms/tuition_waiver_req.pdf.

For questions, please contact your HR benefits consultant:
UAA: Gail Ealy (907) 786-1457 or Ron Kamahele (907) 786-1419
UAF: Shelly Hall (907) 474-6205
UAS: Kirk McAllister (907) 796-6473
SW: Erika Van Flein (907) 450-8227

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