What makes Alaska's economy tick? ISER knows.

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

The UAA Institute of Social and Economic Research has issued a new study of the underlying structure of the Alaska economy that is unlike any previous inquiry, according to Scott Goldsmith of ISER, who led the study and authored the report, titled "Structural Analysis of the Alaska Economy: What are the Drivers?"

The comprehensive study, part of an ISER initiative called "Investing for Alaska's Future," analyzes 14 drivers of the state's economy, which together fuel all economic activity by bringing in revenue. The two largest drivers are the U.S. Government and the petroleum industry. If either disappeared, the 235,000 jobs and personal income they bring to Alaskans would vanish.

A news release is available on the study. The full 140-page report (PDF) and a 4-page summary (PDF) can be found at ISER's Web site, and a podcast of Scott Goldsmith discussing the Alaska economy is also available.

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