Classified Council election results are in

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

The Classified Council, which is the governance group that represents hourly staff, is pleased to announce that elections have been completed and officers for the next academic year have been selected.

New members of the council include Janet Burton, Connie Dennis, Gwen Gere, Debra Gritman, Tina Hudspeth, Natalie Kowal, Gianna Ridgeway and John Seltenright. Sandi Barclay, Megan Carlson, Melodee Monson, Kathy Smith, Lisa Sparrell, Judi Spry and Kim Stanford were reelected to serve another term.

The council also elected its officers for 2009-2010: Megan Carlson (President), Melodee Monson (Vice President), and Kathy Smith (Secretary). Classified Council's representatives on the University Assembly will include Marilyn Borell, Megan Carlson, Craig Mead, Melodee Monson and Lisa Sparrell.

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