2010 Cabin Fever Debates begin Feb. 2

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

The Seawolf Debate Team is proud to sponsor the 5th Annual Cabin Fever Debates, UAA's intramural debating tournament. The contest kicks off on Feb. 2 at 7 p.m. in SSB 118. The first debate will address the motion "President Obama's first year in office was a success." Defending the motion in the role of 1st Proposition will be the team "The Mount Baldy Ski Team" of Christopher Dunaway (senior, psychology) and John Dunaway (senior, mathematics). Closing the debate for the proposition will be team "Cookie Dough" of Nathan Hunter (freshman, undeclared) and Sarah Musgrove (senior, human services). Opening the opposition debate will be team "Super Troopers" of Megan Hughes (sophomore, business management) and Ashley Anderson (sophomore, undeclared). The 2nd Opposition team will be "Tuesday" of Keith Sebelius (sophomore, construction management) and Eden Barrington (senior, music).

Round 2 will feature the teams of: 1st Proposition "Talking Heads" - Joshua Baker (sophomore, criminal justice) and Chasity Spann (freshman, Russian & international studies); 1st Opposition "Instramentals" - Danielle Brusven (sophomore, psychology) and Kelsey Waldorf (freshman, justice); 2nd Proposition "Hooked on Phonetics" - Caroline Daugherty (sophomore, anthropology) and Zach Erickson (sophomore, undeclared); and 2nd Opposition "The Master Debaters" - Derek Terrini (freshman, sociology) and James Decker (sophomore, Russian). They will debate the motion "Corporations should be prohibited from engaging in electioneering communication" at 8:30 p.m.

For more information about the Cabin Fever Debates, visit cabinfeverdebates.uaa.alaska.edu.

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