Gotta call UA Statewide, or UAF or one of UAA's community campuses? Do it for FREE!

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

UAA is proud to announce that we now have campus-to-campus toll-free calling between any of UAA's campuses, and now including the UAF campus and statewide offices. That's right, no more dialing a long distance code to reach our colleagues at these campuses! Now, all you have to do is dial the direct number -- no 907, no codes. All free!

Here's an example:

BEFORE: 8, 1-907-450-8100, #long distance code

NOW: 8, 450-8100

Yes, it's that easy!

These new services come courtesy of UAA's Voice-over-IP initiative which has improved our networks and interconnected our campuses. The new toll-free connection to Fairbanks has been done collaboratively with UA's Office of Information Technology (OIT). These capabilities will be further enhanced as OIT begins work to implement Voice-over-IP in Fairbanks.

As departments and colleges begin to use this toll-free campus-to-campus calling service, UAA (and its departments) will save thousands of dollars, annually.

For additional information about UAA's toll-free service to UA Statewide, UAF and UAA's community campuses, please contact the IT Call Center at (907) 786-4646 or (877) 633-3888.


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