Don't miss your chance to win great prizes by filling out the Administrative Services Survey!

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

That's right, there's still time to give us your two cents and you could win big!

Like Corrie Whitmore and Alicia Howe, who won tickets to see The Sound of Music. Or Robin Wahto and Jen Burn, who each won a gift certificate for dining at Lucy's. Or how about Kathleen Tarr who won a 32G iTouch and Lee Henrickson, who won a 64G iTouch! And all because they took the time to fill out the Administrative Services Survey!

Just watch your e-mail for an invitation from Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services Bill Spindle to fill out the Administrative Services Survey. And don't forget to check those junk mail filters -- you wouldn't want to miss this great opportunity! Make sure to fill out the survey and then enter your name in the drawing and you may win one of the following prizes:

  • 24" iMac
  • Platinum Parking Pass for fall 2010
  • 8 gig Apple iTouch
  • two season tickets to UAA hockey games
  • gift certificates to Lucy's
  • tickets to local theatre productions, including The Sound of Music
  • $100 in WOLFBucks
  • and more!

But you'd better hurry, there's only one more weekly drawing on April 9, and the grand prize drawing will take place April 16.

Your feedback is essential in ensuring that high standards are met and that areas for possible improvement are identified. Please take part in our annual customer service survey and help us help you. The survey is anonymous and you will have the opportunity to enter your name at the end of the survey for prize drawings. Even those who elect to enter their name will remain anonymous from their survey answers.

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