Update: 2010 Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

The 2010 Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign is in full swing. Many of you have made your gift to UAA. THANK YOU.

We are in the fifth full week of campaigning. We have 8 weeks left to go. Help us reach our goal of 20 percent employee giving!

Many of you have helped UAA with:

  • $20,058 in gifts to UAA thus far -- GREAT PROGRESS!
  • $11,853 to be MATCHED by the Chancellor's Discretionary Fund
    Remember this includes new and increased gift amounts over last year's gift

We have seen a total of:

  • 565 employees make a gift since the end of March.
  • 16 are new employee donors to UAA.
  • 22 employees have increased their giving.

Employees are choosing to give to many funds overall. Here is a cross-section of where YOUR colleagues are choosing to give:

  • UAA Annual Fund
  • UAA General Scholarships
  • Athletic Excellence
  • Consortium Library Endowment
  • Dr. Ping-Tung Chang Scholarship
  • Emergency Food Cache - UAA
  • Refugee and Needs Based Immigrant Support
  • RRANN Program Support

Make your gift to the fund of your choice NOW! www.uaa.alaska.edu/facultystaffgiving

Make your new or increased gift before June 30, 2010
and receive a specialty coffee drink on us!
Includes all campus coffee shops.

Tell us your giving story.
Why do you choose to support UAA? Family tradition? Personal investment? Direct impact for students? We want to know. http://uaagivingstories.blogspot.com/


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