July 2010

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

2010 might be Anchorage's rainiest summer, but the weather has not dampened the enthusiasm of our science summer camp students. As you can see from the photo above, they had a great time at UAA.

Please join me in welcoming Talis Colberg as the new director of Mat-Su College. As a third generation Alaskan, former Alaska Attorney General, Borough Mayor, and with longtime ties to Mat-Su College, Talis has the right combination of skills and knowledge to continue the college's forward momentum. Click here to view the news release.

It's been a busy summer for many reasons, including my new assignment on the President's Oil Spill Commission. I toured Louisiana and heard testimony at the first meeting of the commission. Before leaving for the meeting, I attended listening sessions at UAA and UAS. My next listening session is scheduled for Aug. 12 at UAF.

Chancellor Ulmer holds listening session on the Gulf oil spill

Click here to read about Chancellor Ulmer's trip to the Gulf for meetings and testimony.

I am grateful to be part of the commission charged with developing options for reducing the risk of oil spills associated with offshore drilling. These are issues of great importance to Alaskans. As the chancellor of UAA, this presents an opportunity to demonstrate the need for research and education as a foundation for good public policy decision-making.

Did you know?

UAA has achieved a new level of support from alumni and friends:

  • Alumni gifts increased 30 percent over last year (from 1,367 to 2,134)
  • The total amount contributed by alumni increased 42 percent
  • The total contributed by friends of UAA increased 137 percent

Thank you to all who contributed! We appreciate your support.

University Police Department's Interim Chief Rick Shell, accepted the position of Chief of UPD.

UAA Chief of University Police Department Rick Shell

Dr. Marny Rivera, Justice faculty, was recently awarded a $20,000 grant from the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission to evaluate the community justice program called Recovery Opportunities Court -- a unique adult court program in Oregon.

Dr. Heather Hudson, Director of the Institute of Social and Economic Research, traveled to South Africa and Tanzania as an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Communications Society Distinguished Lecturer. She also met with South African members of parliament.

Dr. Heather Hudson, director of ISER, in Tanzania

With only four more weeks before the first day of classes, enrollment continues to be higher than last year:

  • UAA MAU student headcount is 8.5 percent higher (Anchorage is up 6.5 percent)
  • Student credit hours are 8.6 percent higher (Anchorage is up 5.8 percent)

At the current pace, UAA should see an additional 1,134 students this fall.

Nominations for Chancellor Awards highlight the amazing dedication of UAA faculty and staff. Click here to see all the nominees. Winners will be announced at Faculty Staff Convocation.

Also at 2010 Faculty Staff Convocation Aug. 18

We are honored to have speak James Leach, the Chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

President Gamble will join us and also participate in an informal meet and greet -- with light refreshments -- in the Consortium Library at 1:30 p.m. Please come and speak with President Gamble and let him know more about the many things we are accomplishing at UAA.

As always, thank you for all you do to make UAA a great university!


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