Provost Mike Driscoll announces ANSEP will report directly to Provost

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

TO: UAA Community
FROM: Mike Driscoll, Provost
RE: Program reporting change, ANSEP

I am pleased to share with you news about the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program (ANSEP). Effective July 1, the program will move from the School of Engineering and report directly to the Provost. This will allow ANSEP to maintain its close ties with academic programs, while also emphasizing its broad mission and impact on education for Alaska Native students across Alaska.

This program, under the strong leadership of Dr. Herb (Ilisaurri) Schroeder, has grown in reach beyond engineering, beyond UAA and even beyond the University of Alaska. ANSEP engages students from the time they are in middle school and continues through graduate school. Students arrive at the University prepared with the advanced math and science coursework necessary for success in science and engineering B.S. degree programs.

We believe this move can help accelerate ANSEP's progress toward our shared expectations for the program. The move results from extensive consultation and in-depth consideration of means to better feature and strengthen all of UAA's Alaska Native programs.

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