UAA launches new calendar system on July 1

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

You may have noticed this week that the UAA calendar looks a little different than it did last week--we hope you notice it's more usable too.

Our primary goal was to create two comprehensive, one-stop calendars for UAA: a "Master Calendar" and "Wolfwire," the UAA student calendar. We created event-specific calendars like lectures, workshops, music, art, and academic dates and deadlines, that feed these two calendars. You can read descriptions of each of the calendars here.

So, have it your way: If you want to see everything at once, check out the "Master Calendar" or "Wolfwire," the new UAA student calendar. But if you're just interested in academic dates and deadlines or lectures, you can specifically view those events.

To submit events to the new UAA calendar, and please do, visit

University Advancement, Information Technology Services and Student Life and Leadership have been working for several months assessing calendaring needs at UAA and developing this new UAA calendar system based on Google calendar. We took input from student, staff and faculty groups and hope you'll find the new calendar system useful and user-friendly.

Want to share the calendar link with someone? We recommend because it's short and easy to remember.

If you have any questions about the new calendars you can find more information online at or you can e-mail University Advancement at

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