Article by Justice Center authors selected for 'Criminal Justice Policy Review'

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Dr. Darryl Wood, former Justice faculty, now assistant professor with Washington State University, Vancouver; Dr. Andre Rosay, Justice Center director; Greg Postle, graduate student at the University of Delaware; and Katherine TePas, State of Alaska Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault coordinator, are the authors of the article, "Police Presence, Isolation, and Sexual Assault Prosecution," recently published in the Criminal Justice Policy Review.

The article considers the effects of geographic isolation and local police presence on the processing of 230 sexual assault cases reported to Alaska State Troopers. Policing in rural areas throughout the United States is hindered by geographic isolation. In Alaska, this hindrance is often severe. The authors examined how the Village Public Safety Officer program provides an effective solution to policing in rural areas -- areas that lack the resources to have their own policing. Read more.


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