Don't break UAA's 911 service

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

UAA implemented a new 911 emergency system when Voice-over-IP (VoIP) was installed at each university campus. This system automatically reports a caller's location to the police department's 911 operator when a call is made. This information is critical when emergency responders need to know the exact location of an emergency. UAA's VoIP phones automatically report location information based on installation records. This means that if you move your phone from one location to another by simply unplugging the phone and plugging it into the new location any 911 call made from the new location will automatically appear to 911 operators as being from your old location.

PLEASE DO NOT MOVE PHONES BY YOURSELF. While they may work, they will not accurately reflect location information unless they are moved by a communications technician. When you need to move a phone, call the IT Call Center and select menu option #5.The Call Center technician will quickly take your request and dispatch a communications technician to correctly move your phone. If you work at a UAA community campus, please contact your local IT technical staff for phone move assistance.

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