April 22, 2011: UAA Planetarium shows high-demand 'Fractals Rocks'

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Friday, April 22, 8:30 p.m.
ConocoPhillips Integrated Science Building (CPISB), UAA Planetarium

We're showing our new "Fractals Rock!" The demand was very high for this show when it premiered last month, so grab tickets while you can.

Fractals are all around us in the natural world, spanning a huge range of scales. The same patterns repeat themselves again and again, from the tiny branching of our blood vessels and neurons to the branching of trees, lightning bolts and river networks. Fractals also serve as intricately beautiful representations of the otherwise abstract world of mathematics. They're surprisingly simple to make, but the closer you look at them, the more complexities you find. Fractals Rock! will take you on a visual tour of the endless fractal patterns of nature and magnify for you the infinite complexity of mathematical art.

And remember, you can also come early and "fly standby." We always have at least a handful of tickets available for sale on the night of the show. We begin reselling any unclaimed reserved seats at 10 minutes before showtime. This opportunity is first-come-first served, so we recommend arriving about 30 minutes before the first showtime of the evening if you'd like a fair shot at these seats. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee entry to everyone who arrives without a reservation.

For more information, please call Andy Puckett at (907) 786-1838 or visit www.uaa.alaska.edu/planetarium/shows/.

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