Beware of new round of phishing attacks on UAA email

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Over the past month, UAA has witnessed a significant increase in attempts by unknown parties to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and other personal information from unsuspecting UAA students and employees by masquerading as representatives of IT Services. This practice is known as phishing.

I am reaching out to all members of the UAA community to warn you of these attempts that will most likely continue to appear in email requests addressed to your UAA email account. If you receive any electronic correspondence from a source that you are not completely confident in that requests personal information such as your UAA username or password you should disregard the request.

UAA's IT Services organization WILL NEVER ask you for your username or password via email or other electronic correspondence. Our staff are trained and have resources to assist you with claiming your usernames and resetting your passwords without having to first ask you for them.

The Internet is a marvelous creation and an incredible tool for placing information at our fingertips but there are and always will be those who will misuse it in an attempt to prey on unsuspecting users. Please be an informed Internet user and always be wary of attempts to steal your electronic credentials and personal information.

Should you have any questions concerning messages that you might receive you can contact UAA's IT Call Center at (907) 786-4646 for assistance.


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