Fran Ulmer returning to UAA in new role

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

USARC Fran Ulmer

We're pleased to announce that Fran Ulmer will be returning to UAA in a new role as Resident Scholar on Arctic Research beginning January 9, 2012. In this part-time position, Fran will provide assistance with and consultation on arctic research related topics in support of teaching, research, service and entrepreneurial endeavors at UAA.  In addition, Fran will work closely with the UAA leadership team, UAA's colleges and schools and UAA's research institutes as an adviser on arctic research opportunities and instruction.

Since retiring as UAA's chancellor this past May, Fran has been serving as chair of the U.S. Arctic Research Commission (USARC), a four-year presidential post to which she was appointed in March 2011. A perfect complementary role to her new position at UAA, Fran will continue to serve as chair for the USARC.

Fran brings extensive experience working on arctic policy and arctic research to the position of Resident Scholar on Arctic Research. As a member of Alaska's legislature, as Alaska's Lt. Governor, and as a member of several national boards and commissions, Fran has worked with industry executives, civic and governmental leaders, national and international community groups, as well as domestic and international university researchers and policy makers in the arena of arctic research. This, coupled with her understanding of higher education through her past positions at UAA, makes Fran an excellent addition to our team as we focus on arctic research, a priority so important to our mission.

Please join us in welcoming Fran back to UAA. Additional biographical information can be found at

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