I AM UAA: Kaylie Robison

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Physical Education, Class of 2013
Hometown: Sandy, UT
Fun Fact: Is teaching herself how to play the guitar

Currently playing her last eligible season with the Seawolves Women's Basketball team, senior Kaylie Robison is all in. She is focused, team-oriented and leading the pack. As co-captain, this 6-foot forward is set on being a good example for her teammates.

"I've always felt that leadership is based a lot on example," says the Sandy, Utah, native. "So I always try to be someone others can look up to. I want to be able to do things right, not only when people are looking but when they're not looking also. I like to be authentic."

Kaylie RobisonA transfer for the 2010-11 season from the College of Eastern Utah, where she earned her A.A. in science, Kaylie always knew sports would be a part of her college experience. The youngest of four, she credits her siblings for setting a good example of being able to juggle both school and sports successfully. And she claims being a student-athlete as both her biggest challenge and greatest achievement at UAA.

"It's a lifestyle," she says. "I've just always been involved in sports, and I think playing basketball while going to school actually helps me to be able to focus more. I can't imagine life with just one or the other. I think being a student-athlete helps keep me on the path of wanting to get good grades and being successful." The challenges come when, say, finals are moved up a week so the team can travel for a game.

Growing up playing soccer, volleyball, basketball and softball, she knew she had the most options with basketball at the college level. During the recruiting process at universities to continue her education, she found UAA to be the best fit: "I was the most comfortable here on my recruiting trip and I really liked the people I met when I came up."

And even though she only has this current season left to play basketball, she does intend to stay in Alaska to finish up her bachelor's degree at UAA. Currently majoring in physical education, she also has interest in elementary education and broadcast journalism.

"I love kids, grew up babysitting and three of my aunts are teachers," she says. "Last year's Reading with the Seawolves event was really fun and that gave me a classroom view of education, instead of a P.E. view. But I have also always gotten up with the morning news and have dreamed about being a traveling news anchor. And I love to talk," she laughs.

Even if there is a chance she may switch majors before graduation, she is committed to finishing in the next two years.

When she can find downtime between classes, practice and games, Kaylie loves to shop, explore Anchorage and teach herself how to play guitar. "I'm very musical," she says. "My roommate would probably comment on that. I sing all too much."

If her singing is anything like her performance on the court, she should consider going pro.

Find Kaylie's basketball stats here.

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