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ENRI researchers present at the 39th annual Pacific Seabird Group conference

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

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ENRI researchers gave nine presentations at the 39th annual meeting of the Pacific Seabird Group (February 7-10, Turtle Bay, HI), and Douglas Causey, Ph.D., (UAA Professor of Biological Sciences and ENRI Faculty Fellow) was convener of the contaminants paper session.

The international Pacific Seabird Group (PSG) was created in 1972 to link academic researchers and government agencies throughout the Pacific region. The PSG aims to promote seabird research, facilitate communication among researchers, identify and assess threats to seabird communities, and provide the best scientific data to government agencies.

Scientists and students affiliated with ENRI are conducting a number of seabird research projects that focus on a broad range of topics.   Their presentations at the PSG meeting included the following:

  • climate change as it affects seabird communities
  • effectiveness of stable isotope techniques in studying seabird ecology
  • breeding ecology of the Kittlitz's murrelet (a little-known, endangered species)
  • contaminants in Aleutian seabirds
  • corticosterone levels of Kodiak Island seabirds as an indicator of climate change

Read more about this work by downloading a PDF with abstracts of the research.

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