Evacuation drills in all academic buildings - Sept. 10-14, 2012

by Michelle Saport  |   

UAA's Anchorage campus will be conducting annual evacuation drills in all academic buildings during the week of Sept. 10. They are designed to be done quickly with minimal disruption to the university's operations, while still allowing sufficient time to ensure alarm hardware is working. All building occupants will be expected to evacuate using the closest exit, and gather in one of the facility's Emergency Assembly Areas (EAAs). Employees can request copies of their building's Emergency Plan from building managers to identify exits and EAAs. New EAA signs have been posted this summer as well.

Please contact Emergency Manager Ron Swartz at rcswartz@uaa.alaska.edu by close of business Tuesday, Sept. 4, regarding any high-profile events or dates/times of concern that we should schedule around. Absent any received requests for special consideration, we will assume that buildings can be scheduled at any hour (days or evenings) during the week of Sept. 10. Thank you!

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