New alumni association launched at UAA

by Michelle Saport  |   

Last week the University of Alaska Board of Regents officially recognized a newly formed alumni association at UAA. The leadership of the new UAA Alumni Association will advise the university regarding the direction of alumni relations, and will help to organize and operate the volunteer corps of alumni leaders essential to cultivating the long-term success of UAA students, faculty and alumni.

The formal recognition was the culmination of 18 months of work examining best practices in alumni relations. Membership in the association will be awarded automatically and without dues to all graduates of UAA, its predecessors or individuals who have completed at least 12 credits. The new organization will be an unincorporated association managed by a board of directors and an assembly of alumni leaders. This recognition follows the dissolution of the former 501(c)(3) UAA Alumni Association (UAAAA), an action that was taken by the UAAAA Board of Directors in November.

Chancellor Tom Case will appoint an interim board of directors for the new UAA alumni association after the first of the year.

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