Recent podcast offers updated research on two Aleutian projects

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Listen to a podcast featuring separate reports on Aleutian research projects by National Park Service archaeologist Dr. Rachel Mason and UAA Anthropology professor Dr. Diane Hanson. For the past several years, these two collaborators have delivered updates on their work at the UAA Campus Bookstore.

Dr. Diane Hanson, in yellow bibs, and UAA graduate student Roberta Gordaoff, in green vest, working a site on Adak In this year's talk, held Nov. 13, 2012, Mason describes the recent Anchorage reunion of Attuans on Oct. 9-11, 2012. While many residents of the Aleutians were relocated to different parts of Alaska, the 42 Attuans captured by the Japanese were transported to Otura, Hokkaido. One died on the journey and was buried at sea, Mason said.

Mason shares other Attuans' experiences and stories, including many historical photographs.

Dr. Diane Hansen recounts how she and several graduate students were able to date an upland house on Adak to similar dwellings 385 miles away in the eastern Aleutians, and what that finding means.

This recording can be found at the UAA Podcast page. You can download the .mp3 file to your desk top or mobile device for more convenient listening.

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