Summer 2013: Denali View CMS Refresh, additional open houses available for help

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Wednesday, June 5, 10 a.m.-Noon Faculty Technology Center, Room 215

Monday, June 10, 3-4 p.m. Gordon Hartlieb Hall (GHH), Room 103

The current template for UAA's institutional site, Denali View, will be slightly refreshed to better meet accessibility and web standards. Most of the changes are behind the scenes; however, a few updates may affect the look of your content. At the link below, you can preview your site with the adjustments in effect. If your pages do not look as you intend, get help at the CMS Open House on Wednesday, June 5, 10a.m.-12a.m. in the FTC, Room 215 or Monday, June 10, 3-4pm in GHH Room 103.

Benefits: This refresh employs best practices for web content design and presentation. It will ensure that your site achieves better search rankings (Google, Bing) and is accessible for all of your visitors.

Changes: The refresh includes a larger default font size that is easier to read. It also ensures that headings are properly sized based on their importance in the hierarchy of a page.

Preview your site: See what your site will look like in the refreshed Denali View Template. Visit the development server at site. Visit the Typography Gallery and Page Layout Gallery to see example pages in the refreshed Denali View template.

Steps to prepare for the change:

  • Review your site to ensure pages are properly structured.
  • Preview your site on the development server to identify any areas that render incorrectly.
  • Come to the CMS open house Wednesday, June 5 or Monday, June 10. ITS web apps team will help fix issues on your site in relation to the template changes. For additional questions or comments email the Web Pros team.


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