Fall/winter 2023 edition of Alumni Spirit magazine now available

by Matt Jardin  |   

UAA Alumni Spirit magazine cover
On the cover: Osman Akan’s sculpture “Lucerna” outside UAA’s Alaska Airlines Center catches late winter light. (Photo by James Evans / design by Brett Rawalt / University of Alaska Anchorage)

Presenting the fall/winter 2023 edition of Spirit magazine! As UAA's premier publication, these amazing stories capture the great work of alumni and students from your Hometown U.

Themed around reaffirmation, this issue profiles alumni who have reaffirmed their connections to their communities, like general management alumnus John Sims, who, as the first born-and-raised Alaskan president of Enstar Natural Gas, relies on his roots to keep the company attuned to the needs of his neighbors.

Also featured is art alumna and Alaska Artistic License Plate Competition winner Sabrina Kessakorn, whose design “Fireweed in Denali” perfectly encapsulates her mission to use the universal language of art to make complex scientific concepts more accessible.

You can also read about UAA’s newest Fulbright Scholar: social work alumna Panikaa Teeple, who, in January 2024, will begin graduate studies at the University of Auckland in New Zealand where she will learn about the Indigenous Maori people and apply her findings toward the advocacy taking place among Alaska Native communities.

Back on the Anchorage campus, read about the Biomed U-RISE program, a new undergraduate research program funded by the National Institute of Health and co-led by chemistry alumnus and associate professor Holly Martinson.

With these stories and more, please enjoy leaning in and learning more about how #SeawolfNation continues to make an impact in Alaska and beyond.

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