Anchorage Campus – Building Access, Safety and Maintenance


Most Anchorage campus educational buildings and facilities are accessible to members of the community, guests, and visitors. During the academic year, normal business hours are Monday through Friday, while limited hours are maintained on Saturday and Sunday. During semester breaks, hours of access may be greatly reduced. During summer breaks and semester breaks, the University often undertakes maintenance and renewal projects that might interfere with building and parking access. For University observed holidays, most buildings are closed to all but employees.

The University Police (UPD) maintains security of all campus buildings. UPD locks and unlocks buildings as scheduled by Facilities Scheduling in Enrollment Services and unlocks buildings on holdays and weekends. During weekdays, contracted custodial services personnel unlock buildings starting at 6:00 am. Request for access to buildings after hours or on weekends is coordinated by UPD on a case-by-case basis. UPD frequently patrols the Anchorage campus and walks through buildings.

The Anchorage campus Maintenance staff responds to all requests for repairs. University property repairs are logged in with, Facilities Work Management at 786-6980. After hours maintenance emergencies are reported to University Police at 786-1120 who will contact the Facilities duty staff. The Campus Safety Committee meets three times a year to review concerns about safety on campus. Building managers and maintenance staff monitor campus facilities and address safety concerns as they arise. Safety concerns may also be directed to Facilities Maintenance or UPD. For example, it would be appropriate to call Facilities Maintenance first, and if no answer, then UPD to report concerns about icy sidewalks. UPD will refer the concerns to the appropriate University department to address. Safety is everyone's business.


The Anchorage residential campus provides on-campus housing for 1000 students. Traditional residence halls are secured 24 hours a day and are accessible only by swiping an authorized key card. Apartments also remain locked at all times; only current residents are provided key cards that access their apartments. Access to residential community living spaces is restricted to residents of a specific residence hall or apartment, their escorted guests, and students enrolled in Guidance 150 courses held in the halls. Residents must escort guests at all times. 

University Housing and the Department of Residence Life are available to address students' concerns during normal business hours. In all residential areas, resident advisors are on duty from 5:00 pm to 8:00 am weekdays and 24 hours a day on weekends and University holidays. In the residential facilities, maintenance requests can be called in to University Housing at 751-7202. Residents should submit a maintenance request to the Housing Office immediately for services such as smoke detector battery changes, carbon monoxide detector maintenance or water damage threats.


The University provide a gun safe for residents to store all legal firearms. Storing a weapon anywhere in the residential community is prohibited, except in the gun safe or in a locked vehicle. UPD supervises registration of weapons and provides 24-hour access to the gun safe. Call 786-1120 for access. The following weapons are prohibited in UAA's residential community: sporting or hunting knives, spears, swords, sling shots, bows and/or arrows, nunchuks, potato cannons or guns, ammunition, taser/stun guns, BB guns, and all CO2 or compressed air weapons and other dangerous devices. Alaska state law prohibits the possession of butterfly knives, brass knuckles, and switchblades.