About Student Engagement & Inclusion



Student Engagement & Inclusion is home to Career Services, Multicultural Student Services, Seawolf Sports Complex, and Student Life & Leadership.
Participants walk past a banner announcing information about Campus Kick Off and Student Life and Leadership

Career Services

Career Services strives to provide relevant and engaging career-related information for students through a variety of interactive methods rooted in best practices and a learning-outcomes based approach.


Multicultural Student Services

The Multicultural Student Services (MSS) team is deeply committed to supporting the needs of the many UAA student communities. MSS includes a dedicated space, the Multicultural Center (MCC), and a set of programs that foster culturally diverse community engagement.


Seawolf Sports Complex

The Seawolf Sports Complex at the University of Alaska Anchorage exists primarily to enhance the educational athletic experience available on the Anchorage campus. Realizing that recreation is also an important part of the educational process, the Seawolf Sports Complex is available for students, faculty, staff and the public for individual and organized recreation.


Student Life & Leadership

Student Life and Leadership (SLL) believes engagement enriches the student experience. The department cultivates an engaged campus community through welcoming and inclusive events, involvement opportunities, and leadership development.

Innovators in campus engagement, Student Life and Leadership is committed to our core values of student centeredness, inclusion, community, wellness, leadership, service, collaboration and innovation.