Arriving in Alaska

Steps to Entering the US

  1. Admission + Financial Supporting Documents = I-20 Certificate of Eligibility
  2. I-20 + I-901 SEVIS Fee + DS-160 Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application = Visa Interview
  3. Visa Interview + Visa Processing = Visa Stamp in Passport
  4. Visa Stamp + Passport + I-20 + Flight to US + CBP approval to enter the US = I-94 Arrival/Departure Record

Things to Do Before Coming to the US

  • Obtain and Gather Vaccine, Immunization and other Health Records
    • If you will be staying in student housing, refer to the Residence Life Move-in Guide for information on immunizations and the check-in process.
  • Choose where you want to live in Anchorage
  • Read about Anchorage’s climate and prepare for a plan to get belongings you may need when you arrive ad for your first semester at UAA
  • Do you have an international phone card or a US Sim Card for your phone?
  • Have a plan for your first few days in Anchorage
    • Where will you stay until your housing is ready?
  • Do you know how you will get from the airport to your initial destination?
    • Taxis will be at the Airport
    • You can request an Uber or Lyft on your phone/mobile app
  • Make sure all your documents (passport, visa, I-20) are up-to-date, organized, and with you on your carry-on luggage
  • You cannot enter the US more than 30 days before your program start date
  • Choose a flight that will arrive in Anchorage by the Monday before classes begin. 
  • If you will be living on campus, the Monday before classes begin is the earliest check-in date for international students attending orientation. 

Three Important Things to Make Sure You Have Set Before Coming to UAA

  1. A place to stay
  2. Registration for Classes
  3. A plan for how you will pay for school