International Transcript Evaluations

US, Canadian and Kenyan Records

  • US or Canadian transcripts can be sent directly to UAA.
  • Kenyan HS records must be submitted by KNEC.

Non-US, Non-Canadian, Non-Kenyan Records

All other non-US/non-Canadian records must be evaluated through World Education Services (WES). Do not send international transcripts directly to UAA. If you have completed the equivalent of 24 or more college credits (as evidenced by your WES evaluation or your official transcript sent by an accredited U.S. college) with a grade of C or better, UAA will waive the requirement for your high school/secondary school academic records.

World Education Services (WES) Submission Process

WES specifies how to submit academic documents from each country. The typical process is listed below; however, be sure to check the WES website and follow their directions carefully as WES will not process documents not sent in the manner required.

Create an Account with WES

  • WES is a third-party company and is not directly affiliated with UAA.
  • You should be the main recipient of the evaluation. If you make UAA the main recipient or “Recipient 1” they will send UAA the wrong evaluation and you will need to add UAA as an Additional Recipient.  
  • After providing your information, add UAA as an additional recipient.

Types of Evaluations

  • If your non-US/Canada academic records include any post-secondary (college/university) coursework, you must request a Course-by-Course evaluation. 
  • If your non-US/Canada coursework only includes secondary school completion, you should request a Document-by-Document evaluation. 
  • We recommend you request an ICAP evaluation, this will allow you to request another evaluation in the future without having to provide your academic records to WES again.

Academic Records

After entering your credentials into the WES application, they will provide you exact directions on how to have those records sent to WES.