Leadership Honors

Leadership Honors are awarded to individuals upon graduation to recognize and honor their leadership contributions to the University of Alaska Anchorage and Anchorage community while maintaining academic excellence. Leadership activities and involvement must promote individual and collective growth, demonstrate increased engagement with the community at UAA and beyond, and showcase commitment to citizenship. Recipients of UAA Leadership Honors are commemorated at the fall or spring commencement ceremony, bestowed crimson honor cords, and receive a permanent notation in their academic transcript.

Spring 2024 Leadership Honors

This semester you will apply for Leadership Honors through Seawolf Life.

You will be required to sign in using your UAA username and password, and create and account. You will then be directed to the Leadership Honors application.

If you have any problems or questions please contact Zac Clark at 907-786-1371 or zac@alaska.edu.

The deadline to apply is Sunday, Mar. 10, by 11:59 PM.

Apply for Leadership Honors



Award Eligibility

  • Enrolled in at least three credits at the University of Alaska Anchorage and in good disciplinary standing (at time of application and award).
  • Minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA (at time of application).
  • Applicants must be graduating in the semester they apply.
  • Demonstrated (on-going) involvement at UAA and/or Anchorage community:
    • Applicant's involvement may include memberships with campus groups, coordinating events on campus, or appointments/elected to a leadership position with an organization, committee, or board. (Note: While leadership experiences in campus student employment may be included, leadership must go beyond regular duties of those paid positions.)
    • Student's involvement must contribute to the improvement of the community, UAA and beyond (i.e. the student identified a need and filled it; took initiative and made a significant difference by their involvement.).

Application Information 

Complete an application for Leadership Honors. Inside the application  you will include the following: 

  • About Me
  • Leadership Narrative
  • Resume
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Certificates and Awards
  • Your Story in Pictures
  • Graduation Confirmation
  • Leadership Narrative

    Respond to only THREE of the prompts (out of 6) describing your experiences and understanding of leadership. Answer questions thoroughly. Responses should be no more than one page, typed, double-spaced per question. 

    1. What is your personal definition of leadership? How have you applied this definition to your leadership experiences?
    2. Describe your most significant UAA leadership experience or challenge. Explain how this experience influenced your understanding of leadership.
    3. In what ways have your leadership contributions strengthened the UAA and/or Anchorage community, aided in the creation of a positive environment, or bettered the experience of others?
    4. How has your participation in leadership experiences prepared you to assume future leadership roles in society?
    5. How have you influenced others to get involved with the UAA or Anchorage community? What are the most fulfilling and challenging things about leading others? 
    6. What have you learned about yourself while participating in leadership experiences? What have you learned about others? 
  • Leadership Resume 

    Resumes should include dates associated with each experience and describe the following: 

    • Elected or appointed leadership positions and jobs with your areas of responsibilities, accomplishments, and/or skills acquired. 
    • Organizations, committees, or boards for which you hold membership and any details of your work with these groups. 
    • Scholarships, honors, awards or special recognitions. 
  • Letters of Recommendation 

    Three letters of recommendation from current UAA faculty or staff. One of the recommenders may be from outside of the university. It is recommended that each letter highlights different aspects of your leadership experiences. 

Awarding Process

The Leadership Honors Advisory Committee is appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and composed of two faculty/staff members and two students who are not applying for the honor. The Advisory Committee reviews applicants on the merit of their involvement and how it enhanced student life at UAA and the greater Anchorage community. After review, the Advisory committee sends their recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for final approval

Previous Awardees

  • Spring 2023 Recipients
    • Seth Burch
    • Tuan Graziano
    • Matthew Green
    • Lauren Kohntopp
  • Fall 2022 Recipients
  • Spring 2022 Recipients
    • Fa'amao Asafo
    • Meghna Bathija
    • Hyun Jang
    • Sammy McKnight
    • Sean O'Shea
    • Brenna Petrie
    • Mandie Stoll-Tolentino
  • Fall 2021 Recipients
    • Christina Sullivan
  • Spring 2021 Recipients
    • Jasmine Carter
    • Lauren Criss Carboy
    • Quacyya Cuaresma
    • Natasa Hooper
    • Scott Larionoff Melovedoff
    • Kristina Lauenstein
    • Tiffany Michels
    • Kelsey Pascua
    • Jessica Reisinger
  • Fall 2020 Recipients
    • Jamie Bagley
    • Gloria Miller
  • Spring 2020 Recipients
    • Clare Baldwin
    • Justin Benz
    • Kacy Grundhauser
    • Alexis Harvey
    • Lea Jackson
    • Alexander Jorgensen
    • Edna Standifer
    • Eva Ulukivaiola
    • Emily Wood
  • Fall 2019 Recipients
    • Ashley Boucher
    • Rose Kruger
    • Tammalivis Salanoa
    • Shamai Thacker
  • Spring 2019 Recipients
    • Geser Bat-Erdene
    • Madison Burgess
    • Corrina Gilleland
    • Kelsey Hernandez
    • Heather Jesse
    • Sabine Kretschek
    • Atixhe Lena
    • Jennifer Spencer
    • Svetlana Suvorova
    • Alice Williams
  • Fall 2018 Recipients 
    • Andres Antuna
    • Samantha Davenport
    • Ryan Horn
    • Ashley Roylance 
  • Spring 2018 Recipients 
    • Kelly Allen 
    • Pa Le Her 
    • Lyndea Kelleher 
    • Mohamed Niagne 
    • Chelsea Parrocha 
    • Morgan Ross
    • Jacob Shercliffe 
  • Fall 2017 Recipients  
    • Kyra Ingalls 
    • Kelly Ireland
    • Ioana Lobontiu 
    • Jillian Martinez 
    • Alexandria McLearen 
    • Rachel Rushing
    • Victor Samei 
    • Joey Sweet
  • Spring 2017 Recipients 
    • Meghan Carson
    • Terry Gryting
    • Laura Hill
    • Sarah Holland
    • Mara James
    • Janelle E. LaPlante
    • Nina Lee
    • Maria Lilly
    • Byron Lowe
    • Jose Adalberto Mora
    • Mercy Skye Rains
    • Johanna Richter
    • Aaron Lee Rowbotham
    • Lee Vang
    • Garren Volper
    • Jaime Whitney
    • Kenyon Wright


For additional information regarding eligibility or selection process, contact:
Zac Clark, Associate Director, Student Life and Leadership