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Next Level! Leadership Series promo header with 16-bit Spirit the Seawolf

Next Level! Leadership Series promo header with 16-bit Spirit the Seawolf


Drop in to the Next Level! Leadership Series to level up your leadership this spring. 

Leadership in theory looks different than leadership in practice; when you're in the thick of it, the challenges you face may come as a surprise. The Next Level! Leadership Series is your chance to grow your skills and apply them in your organization, team or community as you walk out the door. 

The 5-week leadership series runs weekly from Feb. 27 to Apr. 2 on Thursdays from 2:30-3:30pm in the Student Union Leadership Lab (Student Union 206). Each one-hour session will use the context of a complicated community issue/leadership dilemma to practice the application of leadership skills. 

Attend 3 out of our 5 sessions and earn a Certificate in Leadership Studies - Tier II.

Next Level! Leadership Series Schedule

Level 1: Time Management
Thurs. Feb. 27
The clock is running out and your teammates are relying on you. Sound familiar? Leave this session with a time management toolkit, including tips for calendar maintenance, prioritization and saying "no."

Level 2: Self-Control
Thurs. Mar. 5
Oh no, you're having a meltdown in a public place! What can a young, over-committed, stressed out student leader do to regain control of a situation? I'll talk about methods of coping and organizing when it feels like the walls are closing in. If you can learn from it and do better next time, then it's called "personal growth."

(CANCELED) Level 3: Crisis Decision-Making (CANCELED) 
Thurs. Mar. 19
Decision-making under stress and uncertainty can feel overwhelming, but when can decisions be avoided and when must they be taken? What are the consequences? How can one choose? There are lessons from military and intelligence training that can help. 

(CANCELED) Level 4: Conflict Management (CANCELED)
Thurs. Mar. 26
As a leader, you must develop others and meet organizational objectives. Conflicts can arise which lower the effectiveness of your team or lower morale. Resolving conflicts may be necessary between members of your team, your peer group, or other stakeholders. Navigating conflict takes dynamic skill that is developed through learning and experience.

(CANCELED) Level 5: Leadership Resilience (CANCELED)
Thurs. Apr. 2
It seems obvious, yet it's often unexpected; becoming a leader means signing yourself up for the good and the bad. Organizations, communities and teams all face challenges. This session aims to equip you with tools to achieve the highest highs and conquer the lowest lows. 


Zac Clark, Associate Director, Student Life and Leadership